The common thread between art and design is now a distinctive sign of antoniolupi’s work. More than fusion, we would refer to two different experiences mixed together to achieve a common goal: an univocal experience of beauty that becomes part of our daily life. Luca Galofaro, Architect and Teacher, has focused his attention on relationships between representation, urban architecture and image. An area of antoniolupi showroom La Pietra e il Fuoco in Stabbia is currently hosting an Exhibition/Architecture Drawing Collection curated by Galofaro himself: an important step forward in the company’s growth strategy. Now Galofaro ‘influences’ some antoniolupi products with his vision and the collaboration between him and Andrea Lupi is becoming even closer:

some Architecture Drawings of the exhibition have been chosen to be used on antoniolupi mirrors. Transforming some of these works in real furniture objects was a natural consequence of the reflection shared by Galofaro and Andrea Lupi. The idea consists of transferring an image used to think of architecture to an item of everyday life, building a bridge between imagination, which dominates art, and life, normally dominated by the function of the object. The collage technique is based on overlapping fragments. The image comes from the stratification of images of memory. Mirrors are made overlapping printed glass plates, creating tridimensional collages. The last mirrored layer establishes a relationship with the observer, who becomes part of the image itself.

Al salone del mobile 2019 04 09 297

Al salone del mobile 2019 04 09 300

Al salone del mobile 2019 04 09 301

1 verticale salonedelmobile 2018 showroomfiera specchio 09 gen

2 verticali salonedelmobile 2018 showroomfiera specchio 02 gen neutro

3 verticlae salonedelmobile 2018 showroom specchio 05 neutro

Architetture allo specchio domus


Architecture in the mirror - read press


The Collage mirrors are born from a larger project that I’ve shared with Andrea Lupi in the past year. The construction of the antoniolupi architectural drawings collection. Some of my collages have become part of the collection. The idea of turning some of these works into furnishing objects was a natural consequence of our shared reflections. Transforming an image used to think about architecture into an object of use, a bridge between imagination and life.

Luca Galofaro

An intrusion of real world into imagination.

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